Processing a rough stone to a sparkle

Once blocks of stone reach the processing facility, they are cut down into smaller more manageable pieces.

For tile, this means cutting the stone into billets before polishing. For slab materials, this typically means a trip to the blade. A multi blade saw works just like a giant bread slicer, with many adjustable blades that allow for the thickness of the slabs to be adjusted. The machine can cut the entire block of stone into slabs at one time.

Modern machines & well trained manpower.

Quba Exports with an installed capacity of processing larger quantities of Granite. We have the confidence to guarantee a quality product to match your expectations.

Hi-Tech MachinesProfessional hands

Facility - Our Processing Unit

In conformity with its dedication to excellence, Quba Exports, has a facility with the most sophisticated environment friendly granite processing machinery line from Italy.

Granite Stone


Amazing features of Indian granites

  • Attractive color shades

  • Unique textures,Smooth edges

  • Low maintenance,Durable,Strong

  • In variety of sizes & shapes

  • Weather & heat Resistant

  • Wear & impact proof