State of the art processing unit

Wet Process, Recycling Process, Templating & Machining are the processes that enhances the look and feel of the product with immaculate finesse.

Granite blocks taken from the quarries are cut into slabs of varying widths by modern machinery. The high-speed, automatic computer-operated multi blade saws have greatly increased the production capacity.

Granite floors are harder than marble stones.

Slabs of granite are polished by special machines that use either large metal discs or abrasive bricks made from silicon carbide. The process produces a sparkling gloss & a finish as smooth as glass.

Processes in professional hands

After slabs are cut, they are moved one at a time to the polishing line which will make the final product look flawless.

Here, they pass under polishing heads which begin with very coarse diamond abrasives, and then move to finer and finer grit abrasives, just like sanding wood. The final surface is to be honed & processed into tile, long strips of material experience the same polishing process, before being cut to size.

Granite Processes

Fine Finishes to perfection

Quba Processes

  • Polished to brings out the full color & characteristic.

  • Honed A satin smooth surface with little or no gloss.

  • Sand Blasting A smooth and blemish free texture that has no sheen.

  • Ball Blasting A smooth, flat, non-reflective surface, with occasional light trails or scratches.

  • Antique Finish Where thermal surface that is processed with state of the art technology