Modern well equipped facility

A state of the art well-equipped facility spread along with a quality control set up with a team of professional at the helm. The strong infrastructure with modern machinery and with Skilled and trained operators is the reason behind the quality output coming out of our facility. The state of the art machinery like Multi axle cutting and polishing machine produce products of different sizes as per client requirement. Our infrastructural facility is the equipped to take on the biggest of workloads to deliver quality produce with precision.

Our Infrastructure

Furnished Office - Efficient Team - Modern Factory

Quba Export has an infrastructure with an ultra modern fully fecilitated office & a team focused primarily on providing an unmatched service to our clientel.

Multiblade Block Cutting Machine

This machine is designed & constructed ideally for cutting Granite blocks in slabs with high efficiency and precision for Trouble free working with high speed, keeping in view all the safety measures.

Line Polisher

This machine can set the parameters by the programmable controller and is qualified for continuous grinding and polishing granite But it also have high efficiency and most important it can take larger works with finesse with the automated slab loader.